Poker Tells – How to Tell When You Have a Strong Hand


Poker is played in a betting interval and, if you are the first to raise, then you will put your chips into the pot. The other players must then either call your new bet or fold. The player with the highest hand wins the pot!

In the movies savvy players have visible “tells” that reveal the strength of their hands. They sit a certain way when they have a monster hand, or lean back when they are bluffing. These tells are supposed to help you pick up big bundles of cash at the tables. Unfortunately they are not as reliable as they are in the movies and some players are able to hide their tells from others at the table.

Online poker is different in that you can’t physically see your opponents so some of the physical tells discussed above don’t apply. You should focus on the timing of your opponent’s calls instead. A long time to call usually means a weak hand while a fast call is often a sign of a strong one.

Most players struggle to break even at first, but there are a few simple adjustments that can turn them into consistent winners. These changes often have to do with developing a more cold, detached, mathematically sound approach to the game and starting to view it in a more rational manner. This is a big part of the divide between break-even beginner players and big-time winners.