Marketing Casinos

Casino, directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the book Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas by Nicholas Pileggi, is a deep look at how the mob controlled the gambling hub of Las Vegas. It lays out a complex web of corruption that was centered in the city, with tendrils to politicians, Teamsters unions and Midwest mafias besides mobsters themselves.

Casinos are carefully designed to influence visitors’ behavior. They often have a maze-like structure that is meant to disorient people, which keeps them playing for longer. They also waft scented oils through ventilation systems to make people feel comfortable and keep them coming back. Besides that, there are many other elements that help casinos to manipulate their patrons’ behavior such as creating windowless spaces, incorporating red color into the decor, and using a lot of bright and gaudy lighting.

It is important for casino marketers to remember that people go to casinos to have fun and feel good. Whether it is gaming, dining and drinking or entertainment that attracts them, they want to feel like they are in a place where their luck will turn around.

Keeping this in mind, casinos should be sure to prioritize transparency and fair play when marketing their offerings. They should promote their T&Cs and regulations, and ensure that they have a high-quality customer service team to back them up. Additionally, they should encourage guests to share their positive experiences through social media and other channels.